Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sick Baby

Sadly, my husband and I had a cranky baby on our hands today. Unfortunately for hubs, he had to deal with the brunt of the crankiness. At some point we figured that he might be coming down with something and would treat him as we figured out what was wrong. In the late evening I thought he felt warm and an hour later the thermometer confirmed his temperature was 101 degrees. A quick check on my favorite fever reference chart confirmed that 101 is still mild enough at his age 3 days until he's a 2 year old!) for me not to worry too much. About an hour after that his temp had risen to 102.5. He was laying down pretty calmly watching PBS Kids and it was already late so I decided to continue letting his body do whatever it was doing.
It's now just after 5:30am and I was awake with ChocolateChip for almost 2 hours (he fell asleep as I'm typing this next to him.) He's wasn't cranky or crying but not lethargic or delirious either. Just couldn't seem to sleep. He would close his eyes and appear to be resting but then he would speak and I would know he was still awake (it wasn't like talking in your sleep, it would be like a request for his stuffed dog or telling me a bug bite itches or asking for a hug). He's still warm to the touch but wouldn't let me take his temperature (now that he's asleep I can try again though.) Not sure what to make of it, but I figured this is as good a place as any to document this.

Thanks for listening. Until next time!


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