Friday, August 17, 2012

Something New and Exciting!

We are basing our first year of homeschooling on the ABC Jesus Loves Me 2 Year Curriculum.  As we go through the year, I'm sure we'll add our own stuff or change some of the stuff around as it works best for us.  Each week, I'll post a quick "at a glance" of what I'm scheduled to teach E that week.  Feel free to offer up suggestions for how to teach him some of these things as part of our everyday lives. 

Week at a Glance:

Theme: God Made the World Around Me
Lesson: Day, Night, Water, Sky
Scripture: Gen 1
Bible Story: Day 1 & 2
Poem: Pat a Cake
Memory Verse: Gen 1:1
Song: This Little Light of Mine
Color: Red
Alphabet: A - G
Book of the Week: Llama Llama Red Pajama
Number: 1
Shape: Circle (Do a Shape Walk)
Information: First Name
Self-Care & Manners: Sitting Quietly
Fine Motor Skill: Color on a Vertical Surface
Gross Motor Skill: Play "Put the Fire Out"
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