Thursday, August 2, 2012

Little Man Love

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One of our local libraries has Arts and Crafts on Thursday afternoons. We happened to be in there when the librarian announced it. ChocolateChip was the youngest kid in there, but he sure seemed to enjoy it anyhow! *Notice how his workspace was getting progressively more paint as he worked!

As I watched him and listened to the handful of other parents who were there (most kids were on there own) I realized for the first time that I am already "homeschooling/unschooling" without any binders or lesson plans or assessment tools. It was a great realization to come too. I can finally let go of my uprightness about educating him "correctly" and just continue educating him correctly!!

What are your boys up to today?

Happily Painting

Painting the paint container

More paint on the container a few minutes after realizing that the paint on his hand could make a cool print!
Back to the box

Pretending to be sleeping after walking around and finding these in a corner

Stacking Away

Art Project? What art project?!

Until next time!


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